Freedom Debt Relief Review

Freedom Debt Relief LogoFreedom Debt Relief is a debt resolution organization created in 2002 by two Stanford Business graduates; Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh. The company is an offshoot of the Freedom Financial Network and refer to themselves as members of the Freedom Family. Under Housser and Stroh’s leadership, the California-based company has created a premier management team of financial professionals. During their 14 years in business, Freedom Debt Relief has helped 80,000 customers in the United States settle $3.6 billion in debt. In fact, the company helps debtors settle about $80,000 a month of bad debt. Freedom Debt Relief has received recognition and awards in its industry and continues to impress customers.

Minimum Debt Eligibility

Like most debt resolution companies, Freedom Debt Relief has minimum liability requirements. To qualify for the company’s services, a debtor must have at least $7,500 in unsecured debt. If a customer has less than this minimum amount, they will not be eligible to enroll.

The company does not have a cap on the amount of debt a customer can have to enroll in the program. However, not all debt is eligible for debt resolution.

Freedom Debt Relief Fees

Freedom Debt Relief has a sliding scale fee. Most customers will eventually pay between 15 to 25% of the debt trying to be resolved. The good news is, the company offers a free quote and requires no fees to be paid upfront. In most situations, a debtor can still expect a savings of 30% by resolving their debt with Freedom Debt Relief.

How it Works – Freedom Debt Relief

Help from Freedom Debt Relief starts with just a quote. The quote is completely free and requires no obligation from the customer. After you receive your quote, you will be given contact information for a representative at Freedom Debt Relief.
A Freedom Debt Relief representative will go over details of your situation and help determine what repayment methods are best for your situation. Once a debtor is accepted by Freedom Debt Relief, a monthly payment plan will be created. Debtors can approve all debt settlements made on their behalf before they are final. Borrowers in the following states are not eligible to work with Freedom Debt Relief:

• Vermont
• Connecticut
• Georgia
• Maine
• New Hampshire
• New Jersey
• Rhode Island
• West Virginia
• Illinois
• South Carolina
• Washington

Freedom Debt Relief Services and Features

Freedom Debt Relief offers a variety of services and features to help debtors eliminate their debt. Most importantly, the team will work to resolve debt with a customer’s debtors. To answer questions quickly and provide individualized customer service, customers will have one representative assigned to their case, the entire time you are in repayment.

Customers will also have the ability to monitor and adjustment their repayment plan anytime online. Other resources include articles, newsletters, and blogs that help customers understand the complexities of their situation.

Freedom Debt Relief Accreditation

Freedom Debt Relief has an A+ rating with the BBB. Additionally, Freedom Debt Relief is also a platinum member accredited by the American Fair Credit Report Council (AFCC) and accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).

What People are Saying?

When you ask former customers what they think about Freedom Debt Relief, you get access to many positive reviews. Thousands of customers have completed their repayment plans and gone on to financial freedom.

The bad reviews associated with Freedom Debt Relief are in regards to how much time it takes to repay settled debt amounts. Unfortunately, any debt relief company is going to require significant payments. The dissatisfaction is usually a result of how hard it is to make those payments and not actually with the service the company provides.

Satisfaction Guarantee

To help you rest easy and trust your debt resolution to them, Freedom Debt Relief offers a money back guarantee. What this means if a customer is not happy with the way their debts were resolved, they can ask for their money back. However, the company has unique terms and conditions that must be met to qualify for this guarantee.

Quality of Service

Freedom Debt Relief lets their reputation do the speaking for them. The company has erased more debt than any other company on the market and offer 24/7 assistance online. 80% of phone calls placed to the company during business hours are answered within 30 seconds. Customers can also reach support by email and online.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is Freedom Debt Relief is one of the best debt resolution companies in the industry. They offer excellent customer service, employ experienced members who can provide sound, legal, and helpful advice, and also provide excellent customer service with professional conduct. The key to being happy with Freedom Debt Relief’s services is understanding how the entire process works. If customers aren’t familiar with the way this process works, they can be unhappy with the results. To know exactly what you’re getting into, customers need to make sure they know exactly what to expect when the process is complete to avoid any misunderstandings.